The Simplify Your Life Online Course

Hi! I’m Janet Luhrs, author of the best-selling The Simple Living Guide, and for 16 years, editor of the monthly Simple Living. I have shared my tips and tools for simplifying with everyone from Oprah and Maria Shriver to The New York Times and Newsweek.

I created this practical and inspiring online course that you can take at your own pace, on your own schedule, on your own time!

Simplify Your Life Online is completely self-directed – you can start when you want and move through the lessons at your own pace.

  • Learn how you can view time in a completely new way—one that frees you from hectic scheduling.
  • Discover ways to streamline your home or office so that clutter has no place.
  • Learn how to go from in debt and always trying to catch up, to financially free – no matter where you are now.
  • Embrace a life that reflects your values, and feels smooth, easy and in control. By the end of this course, you will have made some real changes in the areas that have you frantic, and developed some new strategies for allowing life to be more enjoyable!

8 Weeks plus worksheets and charts!

Simplify Your Life Online includes 8 weekly lessons, as well as several worksheets and charts for you to fill out – making this course very personal to you.

Who should take this course

If you’re stressed and harried in your daily life, then this course is for you—no matter what your income, age, living situation, or occupation.

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how simplicity can change your life.
  • Identify where you spend your time, energy, and money.
  • Explore ways to stop living on auto pilot and raise your daily awareness.
  • Learn how your use of time affects your energy.
  • Discover how to maximize what you love, and minimize the rest.
  • Say “no” effectively.
  • Learn how to spend and invest for financial freedom.
  • Create a home that inspires you to unwind.
  • Examine how clutter drains your energy, and how a simplified home gives you energy.
  • Save time on housework, chores, and errands.

Had enough of stress and feeling like you can never catch up? With one click, you can sign up right now and get started immediately.

Take advantage of our very low introductory rate of only $49.95. That’s it – for 8 weeks of lessons, plus worksheets and charts so that you can personalize what you learn and make real changes.

You’ll get the most out of class with Janet’s book, The Simple Living Guide, because some of the lessons refer to chapters in the book. Order a new or used copy by clicking the ‘Buy from Amazon’ button to the left.

Simplify Your Life Online is an 8-week online course that you take at your own pace. It offers plenty of instruction as well as lots of “homework,” and areas for self-reflection. This course is designed to both inspire you and give you step-by-step practical guidance for changing your life.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Simplicity

  • Streamlining Your Life: Simplicity 101
  • Why Simplicity Is Such a Sought-After Trend
  • Living Wisely: The American Simplicity Tradition

Lesson 2: Cultivating a Simple Life

  • Simplifying on the Inside
  • What Awareness Looks Like
  • Developing a Simple Practice

Lesson 3: Where Does Your Time Go?

  • Your Time and Values
  • Your Time and Energy
  • Your Time and the Big Picture

Lesson 4: Streamlining Your Time

  • Maximizing What You Love and Minimizing the Rest
  • The Best Ways to Say ‘No’
  • Avoiding Small Time-Wasters

Lesson 5: Your Money Is Your Life

  • Your Money and Values
  • Is More Better?
  • Your Money and Time

Lesson 6: Thriving Financially

  • Getting Out of Debt
  • Amassing Money
  • Financial Independence

Lesson 7: Is Your Home a True Sanctuary?

  • The Hidden Benefits of a Streamlined Home
  • The True Impact of Possessions
  • Turning an Ordinary Home into a Personal Haven

Lesson 8: How to Streamline Your Home

  • Five Ways to Clear Clutter Quickly
  • Saving Time on Housework
  • The Energy of Your Clutter
  • Simplicity for Life

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get going? Take advantage of our really low introductory price of only $49.95 for the whole 8-week course, plus worksheets and charts.

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