"All across America, millions of Americans are trading in long hours and high stress for a better way of life."
~ Oprah

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Welcome to SimplicityJourney.com

Please join me on my new journey of simplicity. After 16 years writing my monthly newsletter, Simple Living, I stopped, and now offer you my hand – ready to guide you on your personal path of freedom, and liberation from all that binds you, and weighs you down. My first offerings are my self-paced, Simplify Your Life Online class and the interactive Simplicity “camps” tele-series, both of which you can sign up for right now.

Two Great Ways to Simplify Your Life Today!

We offer two ways to simplify your life and begin removing the barriers keeping you from living the life of your dreams!

Simplify Your Life Online

Simplify Your Life Online!I created this practical and inspiring online course that you can take at your own pace, on your own schedule, on your own time!

Learn to:

  • View time in a completely new way—one that frees you from hectic scheduling.
  • Streamline your home or office so that clutter has no place.
  • Go from in debt and always trying to catch up, to financially free.
  • Embrace a life that reflects your values, and feels smooth, easy and in control.

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Simplicity Camp Tele-Classes

Simplicity CampsI offer three, stand alone Simplicity Camps. Each Camp is six weeks long. We’ll meet on the phone in a group call, once a week for those six weeks. Learn to:

  • Get out of debt, once and for all
  • Enjoy financial security, no matter what the economy is doing
  • Enjoy a calm, organized and streamlined home and office
  • Kick your clutter to the curb – for good
  • Enjoy vibrant health
  • Kiss stress goodbye
  • Find a simple health plan that adds years to your life

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"My life had been whizzing by."

"Janet, it was as though you were writing about my life. It actually brought me to tears to feel as though my life has been whizzing by and I haven't taken the time to stop and ponder what it is all for. Your words have touched me deeply. I would never have believed that reading a few lines could be so empowering to make changes in my life."
~ Vicki